Boulevard Title Agency


Since 2000, Boulevard Title Agency has been helping buyers,sellers, and real estate professionals close the deal


Commercial title services have become increasingly complex. Requiring experienced professionals.

Yeah we have that!


Buying a home is stressful for everyone. Buyer, Seller, and Real Estate Agent. We are here to reduce that stress.

We’re on your side.

Our Services

Title, Escrow, and Closing services. Dedicated to closing the deal for you securely, professionally, and quickly.

What we do for you


Residential Services

Since 2000 we’ve helped real estate professionals and their clients close the deal securely, professionally, and quickly.


Commercial Services

We are here to provide a smooth and trouble-free closing experience for both the Buyer and Seller.


Title Search

We will ensure that there are no outstanding liens, judgments, or other issues that could impact the transfer of ownership.


Title Insurance

We will provide title insurance to protect the buyer and lender against any unforeseen issues that may arise after the sale.


Closing Process

We will coordinate the closing process, which includes preparing and reviewing all legal documents, collecting and disbursing funds, and recording the deed and mortgage.



We may also provide escrow services, holding funds in a third-party account until all conditions of the sale are met.

About Us

We are a full service title and escrow services agency. Experienced, Professional, Courteous.

Independently owned and operated since 2000. Buying or selling real estate is a complex business. With us you will be confident that on closing day there are no surprises.

“Great group of people, everything was handled in a timely fashion
and they saved me a good chunk of money.”

– Ron W. , Facebook Review